Shorten reaction times to leaks or spills and minimize losses.

The Urgent Intervention Service offers comprehensive management of accidents involving dangerous goods and resulting in environmental impact. A quick and efficient action can even mean that an incident of certain dimensions may finally have a minimum impact on the environment.

The Urgent Intervention Service is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with intervention brigades made up of multidisciplinary technicians and operators who will apply the best techniques for the recovery and restoration of the environment.

Inteco Astur will be in charge of the file from the moment the accident occurs until its administrative closure, and will maintain the communication channel between all the actors involved: company, competent administrations and insurers. Based on our experience, we have designed different strategies of action, depending on the area in which the accident takes place:



In different areas and activities of the industrial sector, incidents occur daily that generate different types of contamination: machinery breakage, leaks and escapes, system overflows, etc.

By means of the Urgent Intervention Service we carry out a previous evaluation where we detect and analyze those critical points that are susceptible to become a source of contamination, in order to try to eliminate them or minimize as much as possible the effect they may cause, through the application of a battery of preventive measures specific to each client.

Among the assistance activities carried out are the following:

  • Spill prevention and control in different industries.
  • Soil treatment to avoid infiltrations to subsoils and others.
  • The prevention and control of discharges with the monitoring of pipelines, purification systems and discharge points into watercourses, port areas or public sewers.

Once we know the points with maximum risk in the facilities, we can size and locate the materials that will be necessary to optimally address a possible emergency that could be generated in the facilities.

In this way, we not only offer the proposal of recommendations to implement and optimize the operation of the facilities, but also the protection of the environment and industrial safety.

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The transport of dangerous goods by land is regulated according to the provisions of the ADR (European Agreement concerning the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) and the RID (Regulations concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Rail).

In Spain in 2019, 135 road accidents involving dangerous goods were recorded, with an annual growth rate of 9% since 2015.

An important aspect of the application of ADR/RID is the determination, not only of the transport conditions, but also of the obligations and responsibilities of each of the parties involved in the operations, in order to avoid harm to people, as well as to protect the environment.

The Urgent Intervention Service consists of assistance at the point of loss, with personnel and materials appropriate to the spilled goods, thus offering a rapid, efficient and safe response to prevent or minimize the extent of damage to the environment.

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Maritime – Port

In the maritime-port area, government authorities, companies and other potentially polluting entities must be prepared to respond quickly to possible contingencies that may occur.

Any contamination inside the port or in its area of responsibility will require an immediate response, and therefore, the activation of its Maritime Interior Plan, against accidental marine pollution.

Thanks to the adhesion to the Maritime-Port Urgent Intervention Service of Inteco Astur, this response will be given and will offer compliance with the requirements set by the current legislation in force, RD 1695/2012 by having a Maritime Interior Plan.

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Personnel, Equipment and options for S.I.U. Maritime – Port

Our staff is trained in Pollution Prevention and Control in loading, unloading and handling of hydrocarbons in the maritime and port area, according to FOM Order 555/2005.

Likewise, in our facilities we have all the technical equipment necessary to act:

  • Containment booms
  • Anchoring equipment
  • Trawling equipment
  • Skimmers
  • Transfer equipment
  • Storage tanks
  • Boats
  • On-site contaminant measurement equipment
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After different polluting episodes in the coastal area, our company is specialized in the Integral Recovery of the coastal strip in the different areas that make it up: sandbanks and rocky areas, defense structures and artificial dikes…

Depending on the magnitude of the emergency, the different guidelines for action and recovery are designed, always taking into account the provisions of the current legislation in force:

  • Protection of the coastal strip and the different sandy areas that form it by installing oceanic booms.
  • Manual recovery of sandy areas.
  • Recovery of defense structures: ports and breakwaters.
  • Decontamination of different affected areas taking into account the different zonations.
  • Manual remediation of ecologically valuable sites.
  • Environmental Monitoring and Control Program.

Inteco Astur is in continuous training in the field of Environmental Emergencies, participating in drills, practical schools and workshops, and keeping as updated as possible in the application of new techniques.

Likewise, we are an Approved Training Center by the Merchant Marine to teach professional maritime training courses, within the Integrated Center of Professional Training of the Sea, in Avilés.


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