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Recovery of contaminated areas

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Ever since it was established, INTECO ASTUR has always been known for its commitment to sustainable development and the conservation and protection of the natural environment. In fact, its environmental policy is based on the permanent updating of its systems through the introduction of key technological developments and on the use of new environmental concepts.

When researching pollution, it is not enough to simply detect the presence of pollutants, you have to define the maximum allowable levels and, in addition, analyse any possible factors that may affect the response of the various elements (soil: saturated and unsaturated areas, surface water and groundwater, air, sediment) to pollutants, such as: vulnerability, dampening power, mobility, bio-availability, persistence and critical load.

We design projects dedicated to the Recovery of Contaminated Environments affected by various types of pollutants. These include:

  • Fingerprinting: a fuel or derivative characterisation technique.
  • Investigation of contaminated environments: preliminary investigation, inspection of the site, exploratory and detailed investigation, design of recovery measures, design of an Environmental Control and Monitoring Plan (ECMP).
  • Characterization and Assessment of the Contamination: spatial and temporal, depending on the type of pollutant, pollutant migration model, sampling (liquid phase, unsaturated zone: pore water and gaseous phase of the soil, soil, groundwater…).
  • Application of recovery measures using the best available technical solutions: bioremediation, bioaugmentation, landfarming, chemical oxidation, soil-washing, thermal desorption, vitrification…
  • Design of preventive and corrective measures for various sites.
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Analysis.
  • Hydrogeological Studies.
  • Biotreatment Studies.
  • Landscape Restoration Studies.
  • Health & Safety Plans.

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