National Marine Pollution Response System

All those activities likely to cause a marine pollution event because they take place in maritime facilities whether they are ports, terminals, platforms or coastal industries, are obliged, according to the RD 1695/2012, to develop a contingency plan.

In this sense, Inteco Astur> prepares the Maritime Interior Plans and is in charge of the corresponding management regarding their implementation, homologation and maintenance.

We also prepare Territorial Plans and Local Plans for public administrations.


Self-protection plan

Following the entry into force of RD 393/2007, the activities in which the application of the Basic Self-Protection Standard is compulsory are established. In this sense, at Inteco Astur we offer:

  • Drafting of Self-Protection Plans to ensure an effective response to an emergency situation. It should be noted that these are living documents that need to be constantly updated.
  • Advice on Law 17/2015, on the National System of Civil Protection; we offer the necessary services to comply with Civil Protection matters, such as advice on current regulations, the approval process, technical advice, etc.
  • Drafting of municipal and regional emergency plans.
  • Drafting of Action Plans to deal with specific risks.
  • Plan development tools: emergency action plans, action systems, operational procedures for specific risks, operational protocols, sectoral plans for task forces.
  • In addition, we offer training for the training of intervention and risk prevention teams.


We coordinate simulations within the implementation and operational maintenance processes of the various plans, allowing us to detect deficiencies in the Self-Protection Plan, both in terms of human resources, equipment and location of technical means and the effectiveness of the procedures.

We provide technical advice on Civil Protection and Emergency Management, making it possible to outsource your obligations.

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Storage of chemical products, APQ regulations.

Chemical storage areas (CSAs) are potentially capable of causing serious damage to both people and the environment.

RD 656/2017 is a reform of the pre-existing regulations adapted to recent technical developments in the field of industrial safety. The provisions of this legislation are applicable to the tasks of loading and unloading, storage, labelling and packaging of dangerous substances.

We made:

  • Preliminary reports (storage compatibility assessment).
  • Writing Projects for Chemical Storage.
  • Construction Management in accordance with the regulations in force.
  • Field audits to check storage according to regulations.
  • Legalization of installations under the regulations.
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Compliance with the Seveso III Directive (prevention of major accidents in the chemical industry)

Directive 2012/18/EU (Seveso III), transposed into Spanish legislation by RD 840/2015, with the aim of preventing accidents of any kind and, where appropriate, mitigating the effects within industrial establishments, establishes the obligations regarding the implementation of a Major Accident Prevention Policy (MAPP), the preparation of both a Safety Report and a Home Emergency Plan (HEP) or Self-Protection Plan.

At Inteco Astur we offer:

  • Drafting and modification of the Major Accident Prevention Policy (MAPP), which constitutes a tool for the control of accident risks within industrial activity that reflects the general objectives and principles of action
  • Writing the Safety Report, including :
  • Major accident risk analysis: risk identification and assessment.
  • Major accident prevention and mitigation measures.
  • Inspection of compliance with the safety levels of the facilities.
  • Security Management System (SMS).
  • Drafting and modification of the Internal Emergency Plan or Self-Protection Plan.
  • In addition, drafting and modifying the External Emergency Plan for higher level establishments.
  • Our services include the implementation, approval, maintenance and updating of these provisions.

We have the regulatory software for the calculation and analysis of possible risk scenarios, EFFECTS, which allows us to develop containment and prevention protocols based on the modelling of the consequences of a serious accident.

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