Environmental advice

At Inteco Astur, we offer an environmental consultancy service, a comprehensive service, supported by a multidisciplinary team that combines resources and knowledge to help you efficiently manage the environmental aspects associated with your activity, guaranteeing regulatory compliance and environmental protection.

Correct identification of environmental aspects and their associated risks, knowledge of the legislation applicable to your organisation, and compliance with the associated legal requirements is the best way to avoid potential infringements or non-compliance that could lead to administrative sanctions.


Our services in Environmental Consulting

In this sense, Inteco Astur offers:

  • Technical assistance for obtaining authorisations, licences and environmental permits.
  • Preparation of documents and monitoring of environmental processing.
  • Audits of compliance with environmental legislation.
  • Processing of aids and subsidies.
  • Environmental Responsibility.
  • Waste Management.
  • Waste minimisation plan.
  • Discharge management.
  • Integrated Environmental Authorisation.
  • Decontamination and environmental recovery of degraded spaces.
  • Preparation of environmental reports.
  • Transport and handling of dangerous goods.
  • Environmental Impact Management.
  • Environmental reports about activity.
  • Preparation of Environmental Risk Analysis
  • Environmental impact assessment.
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