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Comprehensive management of Service Stations

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In order to provide the comprehensive management of service stations, we have a number of services available, which can be adapted to our customers’ requirements.

  • Drafting of IPS (Preliminary Situation Reports) in accordance with the provisions set out in RD 9/2005.
  • Characterization of soil quality: investigation of critical points susceptible to contamination of the soil and groundwater.
  • Piezometric network control.
  • Maintenance and implementation services: annual contract for the decontamination of service station paving. 2 visits per year are performed, which include:
    • The decontamination of the paving, isles and perimeter drains in 6 hour shifts (1 team consisting of 2 workers and the necessary material).
    • Supply of 200 L of organic absorbent for maintenance purposes and to collect spills.
    • Supply to an extraction system to remove oil from the separator and that can total up to 80 L every six months.
    • 220 litre drum to store waste generated by the organic absorbent for pavements and the management of oil extracted from the separator.
    • Management of all waste generated during the service.
    • Includes the Urgent Deployment Service in the event of accidents involving various dangerous goods.

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