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A Comprehensive Security Advisor Service

According to Royal Decree 97/2014, all companies engaged in the transport and loading and unloading of Dangerous Goods must have previously appointed at least one Safety Advisor.

The figure of the Security Advisor is a legal requirement without exception for all those companies that carry out this type of activity, being responsible for ensuring compliance with the provisions relating to the transport of Dangerous Goods in optimal safety conditions, and assuming advisory functions for companies.

Companies must make the appointment of the Security Advisor to the Autonomous Community where the company’s headquarters are located.


At Inteco Astur we assume the different functions of Security Advisor:


  • We check the correct application of the current regulations on the identification of Dangerous Goods transported.
  • We verify the fulfilment of the specific needs regarding the acquisition of means of transport. We also verify compliance with legal provisions regarding subcontractors or third parties involved in the handling and transport of Dangerous Goods under the responsibility of your company.
  • We advise on compliance with the ADR regarding materials used for the transport of Dangerous Goods, including packaging, filling and loading and unloading processes.
  • We verify and record the compliance in training matters of the employees in charge of handling Dangerous Goods, informing your company of any change in the regulations in force. We also offer our clients the possibility of contracting updated ADR training.
  • We advise on the adequacy and application of procedures according to regulations:
  • Checking of documentation and compulsory safety equipment in the means of transport.
  • Checking Hazardous Goods handling operations during packing, filling, loading and unloading operations
  • Implementation procedures and instructions.
  • Procedures for emergency action in the event of an accident or incident
  • We carry out analytical assessments and preventive recommendations in the event of the occurrence of an accident, incident or serious breach.
  • We ensure compliance with the safety guarantees and procedures required at your facilities, making the necessary recommendations for correct compliance with regulations.

Our Security Advisor App

In search of the best service, we have developed our own multi-platform app with web access, which allows the efficient management of the transport of Dangerous Goods and makes it possible to issue consignment notes in a quick, simple and intuitive manner.


Functions of the Security Advisor application:

  • Generation and downloading of documents. Necessary documents are generated such as consignment notes, written instructions for shipments/receipts of Dangerous Goods (adapted to the specificity of the goods/products and characteristics of each facility), as well as a checklist to be carried out on the vehicle during loading/unloading of the goods.
  • Documentary management. The application has a Document Manager that allows access to all the documentation related to visit reports, annual reports, etc., guaranteeing its accessibility in case it is required by inspection and/or audit.
  • Consultation of documentation and legal requirements. Review of legislation and legal requirements concerning loading/unloading/transport of dangerous goods and their update with access through the platform.
  • User access. Possibility of access for different users selected by the company.
  • Control of the goods. The computer application is used to control all the goods loaded/unloaded at each installation, allowing updated documentation to be available at all times.
  • Efficiency in management. The application will have complete information on all goods and waste, necessary for the management of the required documentation.
  • Application suitable for mobile devices, which will allow you to register data from any point of your installation and in real time. This application will allow you to manage and control all your shipments in real time and by means of a mobile device if necessary.

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