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Integrated Safety and Environmental Services

A Comprehensive Security Advisor Service

According to the Royal Decree 97/2014, any company performing transport operations and loading and unloading of Dangerous Goods must have previously appointed at least one Security Advisor. The figure of the Security Advisor is a legal requirement without ….

Inteco Astur is a Soil Accredited Body

Based on the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 standard, Inteco Astur is accredited as an Accredited Body for the evaluation of soil and associated groundwater quality, which enables us to carry out research work

Shorten reaction times to environmental accidents and minimize losses

The Urgent Intervention Service offers a comprehensive management of accidents involving dangerous goods and resulting in environmental impact. Urgent Intervention Service is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year …

Training tailored to your needs:

Training in environmental matters constitutes one of the basic pillars of a company’s environmental management in a world aimed at sustainable development. The focus of our courses aims to be mainly practical and effective, providing students with knowledge …

Advice on environmental matters

At Inteco Astur, we offer an environmental consultancy service, a comprehensive service, supported by a multidisciplinary team that combines resources and knowledge to help you manage environmental aspects efficiently …

National Marine Pollution Response System

All those activities likely to cause a marine pollution event by taking place in maritime facilities either ports, terminals, platforms or coastal industries, are required, according to …