Accredited body

Inteco Astur is a Soil Inspection Body:

Based on the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 standard, at Inteco Astur we are accredited as an Inspection Body for the assessment of soil and associated groundwater quality, which enables us to carry out research work and guarantee our clients compliance with current reference standards at a national and regional level

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About our products


Only Inteco Astur offers you an integral service

We have a wide range of products for the prevention of pollution in all kinds of environments, we specialize in aquatic environments; rivers, emvalses, dams, ports, estuaries, sea, etc. And mainly our decontamination tasks are focused on oils and hydrocarbons.

For this reason, we know from experience which products and materials are the most suitable in the case of maintenance in industry; machines that leak, transfer of dangerous substances, etc or in cases of spills or fuel leaks, in these cases the most important thing is to work quickly and safely. It is necessary to know what steps to take in order not to endanger anyone and to minimize the environmental impact and costs of the spill.

To ensure that we offer a comprehensive advisory service in this area, in addition to offering the most appropriate and safe products, with all relevant certifications and guarantees, we also provide specific and practical training to companies tailored to their circumstances. So you can enjoy the peace of mind of leaving the safety of your workers in our hands.

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