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Polyethylene retention tray for small vessels

These trays are suitable for: Hydrocarbons, oils, fuel oil, diesel fuel, aqueous solutions of salts, acids and bases. In all cases, the drip tray must be impermeable to hazardous products and have sufficient mechanical strength. Stackable for transport and storage


The spill containment tray must be able to contain the volume of the largest container placed on it (and at least 10% of the total number of containers).

In some areas requiring special protection, a retention volume of 100% of the total quantity stored may be required.


Work safely:


    • Ideal for work areas, such as on a workbench.
    • Safe and economical, made of polyethylene.
    • For safe storage of small containers
    • High chemical resistance against acids, bases and other aggressive and/or corrosive chemicals.