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Advanced systems for oil detection on water.

The different early warning systems that we offer at Inteco Astur, have been designed for companies that are committed to the most advanced technology, technology created with the aim of preventing any spillage, because detection is so sensitive and effective that it is possible to stop the spillage at a very early stage. Saving in this way in economic and environmental costs.

ROW: Early Oil Detection System on Water.

Remote Optical Watcher: Autonomous remote sensor for detection of oil (petroleum) in water. It is highly accurate, easy to maintain and quickly finds oil spills before they get out of control.

24/7 operation in hostile environments:

Day and night, in arctic cold or scorching heat, ROW helps to identify the source of contamination, take action and prevent lasting damage in the aquatic environment.

There are currently three factors to consider when thinking about implementing technology to prevent or minimize the environmental impact of a potential accident/spill/leak:

  • Loss costs for my company
  • The damage to the company's image and the fines that may be imposed.
  • The cost to the environment.

These are the most important reasons to implement a hydrocarbon and oil detector, early warning or any other technology at the service of pollution prevention, all three are very high costs and it is much cheaper, in the long term, you have to invest now not to pay later.