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Sealing plates for sewers: sealing in case of spillage


This method of sealing areas such as sewers, drains, etc., is very economical and easy to apply. It is very economical and easy to apply. 100% polyurethane, it guarantees watertightness against spills.

It is a flexible and adhesive material, very resistant, ensures good sealing on both sides.
It is light and easy to use. Its fast installation allows a higher speed of action in case of spillage.

Reversible. It can be used indistinctly on both sides, thus avoiding the risk of making a mistake when placing it.
Good chemical resistance. It is compatible with a wide range of chemical products.
Reusable. After use, simply wash it with warm water and a non-abrasive detergent, let it dry and replace the protective film before unrolling it.
the protective film before unrolling it.
To ensure a better seal, the plate should protrude about 15 cm. At least 15 cm on all sides of the hole to be sealed.

To seal sewers in case of accident or incident during the transport of liquid or solid MM PP does not reach the sewer inlet, causing contamination of the sewage system.


The manhole plug is only required for solids or liquids with hazard label numbers 3, 4.1, 4.3, 8 or 9 as additional equipment required for certain classes according to of ADR 2019.

In the event of an accident that causes or may cause spillage of matter to the ground:


  • Protect the manhole nearest to where the mishap occurred by plugging it with the plug. Make sure that the sewer inlet is well sealed on all four sides.
  • To stop the spill, use granular absorbent, sepiolite, or soil around the plug to prevent liquid from flowing under the plug.
  • When finished, place all contaminated materials in the approved container and close it.
  • Take the necessary measures for the proper disposal of the contaminated materials.

Sealing plates, mentioned above, and reusable containment booms are available as well as a product to easily and temporarily seal broken drums, leaking pipes or storage tanks.