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A good equipment of materials and training in their use are the key to minimize the impact of a spill:

Trolleys with absorbent roll dispenser in addition to several shelves are very useful to have several formats of absorbents arranged in order, and thus, be able to access them quickly and efficiently when it comes to narrowing down an accidental spill.

Spills are, unfortunately, not uncommon in almost any type of industry and the reaction time to such situations can make the difference between very significant losses or a mere incident without consequences for the company or for the employees, or of course, for the environment.

In the past, poor management and lack of preparation in accidents involving substances such as oils, fuels and other hydrocarbons have generated worrying losses and damage to the environment that still persist.



Therefore, it is essential to be as prepared as possible for spills, spills, maintenance work that could cause leaks or spills of polluting substances, etc. It is our responsibility to minimize their impact on the environment, something very easy to achieve with only a good management, the correct training of workers and an adequate and quality riding..