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descargas de documentacion importanteNext you can find the quick access to the download sections, you have all the documentation, from catalog to service sheets and product sheets (they are of presentation, the technical sheet you can find it inside the product).

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Products and Services Catalogues

Full catalog of products and services

You can download the complete catalog of the products we manufacture and distribute, as well as our comprehensive and emergency services.

catálogo cubetos de retencion de plastico para GRG´s e IBC´s

PE Spill Pallets Brochure

Here you can find all our High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) spill pallets.

For both IBC’s and drums, we also have safe transfer stations and closed spill pallets for outdoors.

Catalog of products for safety and pollution prevention

From Industrial Absorbents for hydrocarbons, oils and chemicals, to spill pallets to store IBC’s correctly and safely.

Urgent Intervention Service Catalogue

Our intervention service has the capacity to act both on land and at sea, as well as on the coasts and ports.

24h, 365 days a team of highly qualified professionals are available to intervene in any situation of contamination.

proyectos del servicio de intervencion urgente en derrames y emergencias contaminacion

Urgent Intervention Service Projects

Since 2002, when in Inteco Astur, we started to offer the Urgent Intervention Service, detailing all projects, in chronological order.

Tanks Brochure

Wide range of tanks, both metal and polyethylene, underground, even with galvanized plate cabinet for greater protection, gas stations, containers for storage and recycling of used oil, etc.

Flyers and Presentations

Hydrocarbon Detector Presentation

Our new hydrocarbon detector represents a very important advantage in the prevention and fight against the contamination, being able to alert in the first moments when detecting the minimum amount of oil in the water.

Presentation Products against dust

Foams and additives to avoid losses by dispersion of the stored material, in the air, avoids the atmopheric contamination and the costs by loss of material.

Ideal for both bulk and dust-free conveyors or on the road.

Meteo-Sim Presentation

Meteo-Sim is a company specialized in meteorological and environmental services, with which Inteco Astur, has agreements to develop customized technological solutions, which facilitate decision making related to sustainability and operational excellence.

Service Sheets

Soil Quality Assessment Service Sheet

We are Soils Accredited Inspection Body , for the evaluation of soil quality associated with activities, facilities or potentially polluting actions.

Consultancy Service Sheet

We design projects related to the Recovery of Contaminated Environments for different types of pollutants.

Security Advisor Service Sheet

Inteco Astur can take on the role of Safety Advisor for your company and in this way, you will not have to worry about bills of lading or sanctions.

Training Service Sheet

We provide courses and specialized training to companies, mainly in safety, ADR, transport and storage of hazardous substances, pollution control, both at the level of operators and technicians, group leaders and managers.

Technical advice on the law of the National Civil Protection System

We offer the necessary services to give fulfillment in the matter of Civil Protection, as it is the advice in in force regulation, processes of homologation, technical advice, etc.

Urgent Intervention Service Sheet

Inteco Astur provides an integral management of the accidents that derive in environmental impact. Our team is operational 24 hours a day, every day of the year, from the moment the accident occurs until the administrative closure of the same, it is an integral service.

Product sheets

Environmental Recovery Service Sheet

Research and evaluation of contaminated areas, design of prevention measures, risk analysis, in addition to studies such as: hydrogeological study, study of bio-treatment or study of landscape restoration.

Hydrocarbon Detector Product Sheet

Early warning, detects 1 micron of hydrocarbon at 10m above water. It also detects a wide variety of oils, such as motor oil, boat oil, gasoline, kerosene, toluene, hydraulic oil, etc.

Products Against Dust

To avoid dust in suspension, both in bulk storage, in belt transport and road transport, we have several products that prevent the dispersion of dust in the air, minimizing the lost material and its environmental impact.

Riesgos Químicos y Modelos de  dispersión de contaminantes en la atmósfera.

Weather Forecasts and Models

It is a tool for improving the response of atmospheric emergencies in case of accidental leakage the origin or destination of atmospheric pollutants or odors through meteorological modeling techniques and pollutant dispersion.

It integrates perfectly into the protocols of the emergency services. Operational 24h/365 days a year. It is a fundamental support for making decisions based on reliable and accurate data.


Integral Surface Decontamination

Inteco Astur has a facility decontamination service. We are a certified company and one of the most experienced in this sector. We only use the best decontamination products and a large technical team, experienced and available at any time, to carry out the most exhaustive cleaning tasks on the market.

General Containers Sheet

Recycling containers, we have a wide variety; metallic, plastic, underground, side loading, with special cover, wheels, customisable, etc.

Food Sector Sheet

Our range of products is recommended for use in the food and catering sector, because they are certified for Food Quality; Sontara Wipes, Industrial Absorbents, Emergency Kits, storage drums and recycling containers, etc.

Hospital Sector Sheet

Our Sontara wipes are ideal for hospitals, clinics, clean rooms and environments where maximum hygiene is a must.

Specially designed and recommended for use in cleanrooms of category ISO9, up to ISO5. And of course ideal for Coronavirus.

Oganic Recycling Bins

Containers for recycling organic waste at home or in catering, from 5L capacity up to 120L, ideal for shops. Made of polyethylene, 100% recyclable and dishwasher safe.

Sistema Filtrante de Cenizas

Scenics Filter System

Installation of filtering barriers in riverbeds to absorb and retain particles and suspended ashes generated by fires, with the rain itself working and cleaning the affected areas, with great savings in labour.

The ideal solution to dust

Now the problem of dust in suspension, has an easy solution with Wuvio, this additive, which is applied in the areas surrounding the facilities, allows the reduction of dust particles.

Eco mini and Eco 120L

Special containers for COVID-19 waste, ideal for masks and gloves. They have a steel pedal protected against corrosion and wheels.

New ECO Circular Line

100% recyclable and 100% recycled containers, NF and AWB Quality Certificates meet EN-840 standards and are guaranteed for 5 years. At the forefront of European guidelines in Circular Economy, this new range is conceived through eco-design, manufactured with recycled and recyclable plastic at the end of its useful life.