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Domestic and commercial containers

Containers for organic waste treatment; biodegradable.
All biodegradable food waste such as fruit peels and skins, leftover meat, fish, vegetables, coffee grounds, leftover tea, etc.

All these wastes need a container with specific characteristics, and our special organic range, both for domestic and commercial use, has them all.

Our containers and mini-containers are 100% recyclable, are made of plastic so they are very hygienic, very easy to wash and are of high quality, which highlights their durability, and of course they do not deform with use or degrade with sunlight.

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Safe sanitary waste containers

We have learned the hard way the importance of extreme hygiene in all aspects of our lives and the fatal consequences of not managing our waste correctly.

But the most sensitive and hazardous waste is undoubtedly sanitary waste, especially used masks and gloves. Now more than ever we must take care of our planet and the correct management of this type of waste is essential. At Inteco Astur we have a wide range of sustainable solutions for garbage and sanitary waste.

These containers are equipped with safety features such as pedals and pedal-operated lids, which provide the necessary safety, since you will never have to handle the container with your hands, it is not necessary.

In addition, they also have other options that will make your life easier, such as extendable handles, wheels and are fully customizable, not only in terms of colors, they can also be screen-printed with your desired message.

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Environmentally friendly products with circular design

Circular Eco® containers are fully compliant with the circular economy cycle, have an eco-friendly design and are made entirely from recycled plastic. They can be easily repaired to extend their service life and are 100% recyclable.

What is a circular ECO container? It is a container manufactured based on eco-design parameters, with up to 100% recycled raw material. A minimum of 60% of the material used can come from household packaging. It is the guarantee of optimized management of energy use and natural resources.

More Ecological: Conceived through Eco-design, following the Circular Economy model. They are 100% recyclable and 100% recycled. More customizable: They can be customized with logo or indications, with vinyl, silk-screen printing, thermo engraving or photo injection. Wide range of colors available, for other colors please consult us:

Conform to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards.

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