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100% Polypropylene Oil Absorbent:

The Industrial Oil Absorbents are made entirely of polypropylene (PP), is the most suitable for cleaning, decontamination and maintenance of areas susceptible to dripping, staining or leaking hydrocarbons.

They can be placed under machines to protect the area or when carrying out transfers that usually cause leaks or drips of a substance.

Oil Absorbents are used in areas contaminated with oily liquids, even on the surface of the water because they are water-repellent.

  • They are made of polypropylene fibers that provide great absorption capacity.
  • They are safe because they are chemically inert.
  • The white colour makes it easier to control the degree of saturation, making it more efficient.
  • High buoyancy even when fully saturated.

It comes in different formats:

All the formats are of exactly the same composition, the only thing that changes is the form, to facilitate its application.

Sheets: They are usually used when the socks already delimit the stain, to absorb oil, fuel and other hydrocarbons.
Rolls: They are used just like the sheets but are for cases where the amount of oil spilled is greater.
Socks: They are the first format that is applied around the stain, to control that it does not spread.
Pillows: They are used just like the sheets, but in cases of larger quantities.
• Booms: They are used in the same way as socks but in cases of large quantities of spilled substance, or for the prevention of contamination. They are placed near the area of the potential spill, so that in case of accidental release, there is a relative time to prevent the pollutant from spreading and reaching the river, sea, etc.


Table of all available formats of absorbents for oils, fuels and other hydrocarbons:

White Absorbent oil only
Product Reference Size Presentation
Sheets OOS200 40 cm x 50 cm Bag of 200 pcs.
100cm Roll OOR100 100 cm x 40 m Bag of 1 roll
100cm Light Roll OORL100 100 cm x 80 m Bag of 1 roll
50cm Roll OOR50 50 cm x 40 m Bag of 1 roll
Pillows OPIL 30 cm x 30 cm Cardboard box of 24 units.
Snakes OSOC 8 cm x 120 cm Cardboard box of 22 units.
Skirt Snakes OO SOF 8 cm x 120 cm Cardboard box of 16 units.
3/13 Boom BARRERA 3/13 13 cm x 3 m Bag of 4 booms
5/15 Boom BARRERA 5/15 15 cm x 5 m Bag of 2 booms
3/20 Boom BARRERA 3/20 20 cm x 3 m Bag of 4 booms
5/20 Boom BARRERA 5/20 20 cm x 5 m Bag of 2 booms
20/20 Boom BARRERA 20/20 20 cm x 20 m Bag of 1 boom
Track Mat TM 24 145 cm x 24 m Box of 1 roll
Kit Oil Only * Depending on model * Depending on model * Depending on model

Alphabetical Order of Substances for which the White Absorbent range is recommended
Aceite de motor Aceite de silicona Aceite de transformador Aceite lubricante
Aceite para calefacción Acetaldehido Acetato de butilo Acetato de etilo
Acetato de isopropilo Acetona Acido cianhídrico Alcohol isopropílico
Alcohol metílico Alcohol propílico Amoniaco anhidro
Benceno Benzaldehido Butilalcohol Butilglicol
Cellosolveacetat Cetona Chlorothene Ciclohexano
Cloroformo Cloronaftaleno Cloruro de metileno Cloruro etílico
Combustible de aviación Cresol (Hidroximetilbenceno)
Dicloruro de etileno Dietileter Dimetilformamida Dimetilsulfóxido
Dioctil ftalato
Estireno Etanol Éter Etilbenceno
Etileter Etilpropionato
Fluoruro de amonio Freon Ftalato de dibutilo Furfural
Hexano Hidroquinona Hidróxido de amonio
Isoamil acetato Isobutil alcohol Isooctano
Líquido de frenos
Metacrilato de metilo Metil eter Metil fenol Metilamina
Metiletilcetona Metilisobutilcetona Monoetanolamina Morfolina
Nafta Nitrometano
Parafina Percloroetileno Petróleo Propilenglicol
Tetracloruro de carbono Tolueno Trementina Tricloroetileno

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