Watertight box – With lid – PP – 220L.
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Watertight box – With lid – PP – 220L.

Professional cleaning and disinfection. Completely watertight. High quality PP.


PE tank with a capacity of 220 liters. Completely watertight. Ideal for use with granulated absorbents.

Made of medium density rotomolded PE, they are compatible with a wide range of chemicals. They are easy to clean, light and robust at the same time. They are equipped with wheels and brake.
Completely watertight, it is very practical for use with granules; sepiolite, granulated absorbents, salt, sand, etc.
Improve safety and reduce the risk of contamination.

  • Yellow color; check availability of other colors.
  • Measurements: 87.5 x 87.5 x 81 cm.
  • Capacity: 220 liters