Used Oil Containers – 300 and 500L.

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Used Oil Containers – 300 and 500L.

Used Oil Tanks
Safe Storage




Containers for the collection and recycling of industrial used oil:

We have top quality used oil recycling containers for mineral and vegetable oil. Made of high density polyethylene, roto-molded to ensure high mechanical and chemical tightness, high photometric resistance to UV rays and atmospheric agents.

It is ideal for outdoor use and can be installed on any terrain and flat surface. It has been manufactured in compliance with Legislative Decree No. 95 of 27 January 1992 and DM 392 of 16 May 1996. It also complies with the application of directives 75/439/EEC and 87/10/EEC concerning the disposal of waste oils.

Composed of 2 tanks: an internal one, to contain the product, and an external one, with the function of safety tank and containment of possible leaks from the internal tank.
In the upper part there is a large hatch with a hinged lid, inside which there is a perforated plane with a filter-drainer function.

They are also equipped with:

  • Practical level indicator visible from the outside.
  • Indicator light for checking and verifying the presence of liquid in the air chamber.
  • An oil extraction nozzle with screw cap, Ø mm 125.

This tank is available in two capacity models: 300 and 500 liters.

  • Storage of vegetable oils.
  • Storage of mineral oils.


General characteristics 300 Liters

  • Capacity: 300L
  • Diameter: 820 mm
  • Height: 1.080 mm

General characteristics 500 Liters

  • Capacity: 500L
  • Diameter: 960 mm
  • Height: 1.240 mm


Ref. Height Tank dimensions Cover dimensions   Capacity
QUIOIL300 1240 mm Ø 960 mm Ø 125 mm 300 liters
QUIOIL500 1080 mm Ø 820 mm Ø 125 mm 500 liters