Underground Metal Containers
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Underground Metal Containers

Integration in the environment. Selective collection. Customizable. Various models and outlets.


Underground containers for selective waste collection:

Organic material and inorganic material.


  1. Lifting device (single hook, double hook, kinshofer).
  2. Filling terminal
  3. Pedestrian platform
  4. Metal storage container
  5. Emptying flaps
  6. Safety system (safety plate or safety fence)
  7. Concrete tank

Optimized urban space:

  • Up to 3 underground containers can be installed in the space of a parking space.
  • The reduced section of the container guarantees a better distribution of the waste with a maximum filling rate of 95%.
  • The height of the bins has been conceived in order to facilitate access to the container, particularly for children or people with reduced mobility.

Reinforced safety:

  • A safety fence is raised when the container is lifted ensuring maintenance and emptying operations.
  • A double drum opening system prevents any possible fall into the container.
  • Resistant to vandalism.
  • The container box can optionally be fitted with an inspection hatch to facilitate maintenance operations.

Maximum hygiene:

  • A real reduction of visual and olfactory contamination.
  • No water retention (leachate tank available).
  • Clean containers, no overflows or waste dispersion.
  • Services – washing and maintenance – for a product always “ready to use”.

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