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Ultra fast sealing compound – Drums – Accessories

Safety against leaks.
Withstands pressure up to 0.25 bar.
Ultra fast action!
100% SAFE

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Sealing compound for drums; ultra fast!

This specific sealant for materials such as iron or aluminum, making it ideal for sealing any small leaks in a drum. The shelf life in situ is 24 hours, as the sealing paste is a temporary solution.

  • It is not necessary to mix the product and withstands a pressure of up to 0.25 bar.
  • It is not suitable when it has to be placed in a vehicle passage.
  • Avoid extremely high or low temperatures.
  • Keep well stored in its original packaging, damage to the packaging may reduce its effectiveness.
  • Place units close to high hazard areas.


Make sure you are suitably equipped (masks, gloves, etc.) for working with the type of material in the spill.

Sealing compounds are manufactured to quickly and easily temporarily seal leaking drums, storage tanks or pipelines by simply pushing the product onto the source of the leak.

Pack size: 12 containers (800 g).



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