Transport Tanks – ADR – 620 – 910L.

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Transport Tanks – ADR – 620 – 910L.

Emiliana Serbatoi tank.
Capacities: 250 to 900 liters.

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Portable metallic tank for transporting fuel in compliance with ADR regulations.

This tank for the safe transportation of fuel is made of carbon steel and is hermetically welded; it also has a metallic frame for external protection.

Horizontal (Mod. 380-620-910) or vertical (Mod. 250-450) cylindrical axle tanks, mounted inside a metallic structure for protection against impacts and rotations. Once the welding phase is completed, the tanks are subjected to a sandblasting treatment and then painted. The painting process foresees that the tanks are coated with paint powder based on synthetic resins, which adheres to the metal surface by electrostatic effect; then, they are transferred to an oven where, due to temperature, the paint first melts and then polymerizes creating an adherent and resistant layer.

Technical features:

  • Models 620 and 910 also have internal breakwater bulkheads.
  • 300 mm diameter watertight hatch with 10 mm thick plate and counterflange, bolts and gasket for fuels.
  • Three-way safety valve, 2″ diameter, according to law (certified).
  • Ball valve on the suction sleeve, provided with lever device to prevent accidental opening.
  • Plates for balanced lifting from above, even under full load.
  • Side ports for forklift forks and holes for anchoring to the support platform.
  • Grounding and equipotential bonding preparation
  • Our portable tanks can be equipped with a supply unit contained in a powder-painted metal cabinet, provided with lockable lock and assembled according to customer requirements.

Technical data and assemblies:

  • The range consists of 5 basic models of 250, 380, 450, 450, 620 and 910 liters capacity.
  • It can be equipped with a manual transfer unit (with rotary vane pump), with 12 V or 24 V battery electric pump.
  • Battery electric pump with a capacity of 40 l/min (optional 60 l/min) and equipped with by-pass, connection cables with bipolar connector.
  • Manual or automatic stop gun.
  • 5 m antistatic rubber hose.
  • Liter counter for non-commercial use (optional).


Certificates enclosed:

  • Commissioning / initial inspection report, delivered by an Authorized Body.
  • EC Declaration of Conformity of the transfer unit.
  • Instruction manual for road use according to ADR requirements and for the correct use of the transfer devices.

Each tank is inspected separately by the Authorized Body for testing with issuance of the initial certificate of commissioning, subject to revision every 30 months with the same procedure.


More information: technical data sheet


Transport Tanks ADR
Weight 40 Kg
Average tank thickness 5 mm
Plug 2″ aluminum loading plug with built-in safety relief valve
Level indicator Yes
Filter Suction line filter
Pistol type Automatic pistol
Pump 12 V., 24 V.
Color Blue