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Spill containment 1 IBC – Removable Grid – PE
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Spill containment 1 IBC – Removable Grid – PE

100% High Density rotomolded polyethylene. With removable grid. Facilitates safe transfer.


Spill containment made of high density broken molded polyethylene

Designed for the storage of 1 IBC on a grid.

It has an integrated transfer area, which avoids splashing when transferring.
Corrosion protection and is resistant to most chemicals (acids, bases, etc). It has a base with recesses for easy transport with forklift and/or pallet truck.
The removable grid facilitates cleaning and decontamination.

The great advantage of this particular spill containment spill containment is the built-in tray, which facilitates unloading work, it can be removed for cleaning.

Technical characteristics:

  • Spill containment for 1 IBC.
  • Ideal for comfortable and easy unloading.
  • Made of high density polyethylene, with integrated transfer area.
  • Thanks to this transfer area, splashes are avoided when transferring.
  • Corrosion protection against chemical products.
  • Resistant to most acids, bases, etc.
  • Incorporate holes for handling with forklift and/or pallet truck.
  • Improves safety and reduces the risk of contamination in the installations.


Measures Material Grid Grid material Load capacity Retention capacity
1420 x 1800 x 770 mm. High density polyethylene Yes High density polyethylene 1600 Kilos 1070 liters


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