Reusable sewer plug
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Reusable sewer plug

100% polyurethane. Flexible and resistant. Ensures watertightness on both sides.


Polyurethane sewer plug for sewer sealing against spills:

100% polyurethane sealing plate. It is a flexible material, and at the same time, adhesive and resistant, assures good sealing on both sides.

It is light and easy to use. Its fast installation allows a higher speed of action in case of spillage.
Reversible. It can be used indistinctly on both sides, thus avoiding the risk of making a mistake when placing it.
Good chemical resistance. It is compatible with a wide range of chemical products.
Reusable. After use, simply wash it with warm water and a non-abrasive detergent, let it dry and replace the protective film before unrolling it.
To ensure a better seal, the plate should protrude by at least 15 cm. At least on all sides of the hole to be covered.