Reel for boom deployment

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Reel for boom deployment

Hydraulic or manual deployment.
Space-saving storage of booms.
Facilitates quick action.

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Hydraulically or manually operated reels. They allow for space-saving and easy storage of a large number of booms.

The reels have forklift channels and 4-point lifting eyes to aid handling, both on land and on a ship at sea.

Suitable for locations where quick action in the event of a spill is essential, ports, anti-pollution vessels, etc.

These reels optimize the transport, storage and deployment of containment booms, we have a complete selection of reels from 1 to 5 meters wide. Comes equipped with tow hook and four anchor points for lifting.

Lightweight painted steel, with forklift pockets and 4 wheels.

Available for inflatable, flat or cylindrical booms. Booms are controlled to deploy/pick up by a hydraulic motor, to be used with a hydraulic power unit (optional).

Reel Features:


For inflatable booms: 120 m, flat booms: 100 m and cylindrical booms: 60 m.
Reel storage is based on 1 m boom height; if the boom height is 0.5 m, the reel capacity would be double the indicated capacity.

  • Dimensions: 1400 x 1900 x 2200 mm.
  • Speed: 0 to 20 rpm.
  • Weight: 300 kg.