Recycling wheeled bin 240 liters – Sulo
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Recycling wheeled bin 240 liters – Sulo

Various opening and soundproofing systems and closures. Multiple mouth options. Body and lid customization.


240 liter wheeled bins, with Sulo’s guarantee.

The 240-liter waste garbage cans have an environmentally friendly design that supports the circular economy model.

Our new bins have been conceived and designed based on Ecodesign, so that they can be manufactured entirely from recycled plastics and easily recyclable at the end of their useful life, following the Circular Economy model, so that waste becomes infinite resources….. From this point on, everything works in a circle.

A 240-liter wheeled bin that fully complies with the principles of the circular economy:

  • Ecodesign to minimize the amount of materials.
  • Improved logistics and manufacturing process to minimize carbon footprint.
  • Use of a maximum proportion of recycled materials.
  • Increased product life by reducing the risk of breakage.

The raw material with which they are manufactured is recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE) and can reach 100% recycled material, of which up to a maximum of 60% can come from household packaging (caps, containers, tetrabricks, etc.).
The rest of the recycled material comes from used containers collected from municipalities, companies and other industrial sources. Containers that at the end of their life cycle become resources.

These containers are proof of the effectiveness of sorting and the reality of recycling. They give meaning to selective collection and are no longer simple containers, but have become major players in the circular economy.

MORE Certificate

certificado moreAs proof of its commitment to the Circular Economy, the entities ANAIP, Spanish Association of Plastics Industrialists, and EuPC, European Plastics Converters, have awarded SULO the MORE seal and certificate, which is given annually to companies that declare the volumes of recycled plastic used.




Dimensions of 240 liters garbage container:



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