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Recovered IBC – 1.000L
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Recovered IBC – 1.000L

IBC Capacity: 1,000 liters. Lightweight and very resistant.


Second hand IBC’s/IBC’s:

These are second hand IBC’s, in perfect condition, standard 1,000 liter drums for liquid storage. Storage tanks with security. They have a large opening cap and tap.

Ideal for sectors such as the food industry. Manufactured in high density polyethylene (PHED) is the ideal material, for its great lightness and resistance, they are very hygienic because they are very easy to clean, in addition the tank is reinforced with a galvanized steel frame that reinforces the entire structure.


It includes a plastic or wooden pallet for easy placement, if necessary, on a spill containment spill containment.


Outer length (mm) 1200
External width (mm) 1000
External height (mm) 1163
Material Plastic
Pallet Plastic/wood
Color Transparent
Weight (kg) 5