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Permanent Containment Boom
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Permanent Containment Boom

For calm waters. High Marine Quality PVC. PE floats.


Modelos disponibles: (para otras medidas consultar)
Ref Aplication Total height (mm) Freeboard (mm) Fretwork (mm) Section length (m) Connection between sections* Operational temperature ºC Fabric
PB 500 Calm waters. Permanent installation 500 260 240 25 ASTM or Noruega -30°C a +70°C Marine grade PVC-coated polyester/ PE floats
PB 750 750 300 450 25
PB 1000 1000 335 750 25

Permanent containment booms are intended for prolonged use in adverse conditions, allowing the containment of hydrocarbons and solid floating debris.

They are constructed with rigid high resistance polyethylene floats filled with polyurethane foam. These floats are easily interchangeable and are attached to the boom with stainless steel screws.

Their design gives them high buoyancy and stability in adverse conditions. They are made of 2800 gr/m2 PVC, which gives them high resistance to traction and tearing.


Parts of the boom:





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