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PE dispenser drums – Flammable Liquids – Anti-flame
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PE dispenser drums – Flammable Liquids – Anti-flame

FR - Security

Safety valve. Adaptable cannula. Easy handling. 3 types of drums.


Polyethylene dispenser drums:

These safety drums facilitate one-handed pouring of liquids directly onto the work surface.

The bronze dispensing valves are watertight and self-closing to reduce spillage and control overflow. Bronze valves are FM approved and recommended for flammable substances. The rugged, high-density polypropylene body is textured and shaped to provide a firm grip.

Flexible bottles are made of polyethylene and stainless steel. The ball valve ensures safer and easier dispensing of flammable liquids directly onto small components or sub-assemblies, with minimal splashing. Squeezing the bottle produces a fine jet of liquid. The cannula can be molded to allow the liquid to reach hard-to-reach areas.












14002 57 x 140 White 0,12
14004 79 x 140 Red 0,24
14010 102 x 267 Red 1


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