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Open/Closed Drum Funnel – Polyethylene – Drums Accessories
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Open/Closed Drum Funnel – Polyethylene – Drums Accessories

100% polyethylene. 200L drum funnel. For open or closed drum.


Accessories for drums:

Drum funnel, with lid, for use with open or closed 200 liter drums. The funnel channel has a filter and a corrugated surface to allow filters, parts, etc. to drain.

The best way to filter impurities:

The best way to filter and refill liquid drums is through funnels for drums. In Inteco Astur we have several models of funnels, each model responds to a different need. On the one hand we have the can funnel with polyethylene tube or spout, as well as with evacuation elbow, but in the case of wanting to introduce a larger amount of substances, the universal funnels for drums are ideal. We have closed funnels for use with closed 200 liter drums.

Dimensions: Ø 640 mm x 150 mm


The safety of drum handling accessories:

Drum accessories are important for safe working:

  • They streamline transfer procedures and always carry them out safely.
  • Specially designed for companies that work with drums on a regular basis.
  • They are safe products that minimize possible accidents at work.
  • A model or accessory for every need.
  • The right equipment will extend the life of your products and save cleaning and maintenance costs.



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