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Oil Detector

Oil Detection

24h/7d. Early warning. Long service life Suitable for hostile environments. Remote offline operations


ROW: Oil in Water Detector: this system has an optical supervisor: an autonomous remote sensor for the detection of oil (petroleum) in water. It is highly accurate, easy to maintain and quickly finds oil spills before they get out of control.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week operation in harsh environments. The Hydrocarbon in Water Detector works day and night, in arctic cold or scorching heat, ROW helps identify the source of the contaminant, take action and prevent lasting damage to the aquatic environment.



Engine oils, turbine oils, vegetable oils, fuel oils, automotive fuels, marine diesel oils, crude oils, heating oils, gas oils, jet fuels, lubricating oils, hydraulic oils, mineral oils.


Long service life; requires little maintenance.

Robust IP68 certified watertight design and 5 years LED life. Low power consumption < 2W, allowing remote offline operations (with optional solar panels and battery).

ROW: Hydrocarbon in Water Detector is pressurized for protection:
Pressurized with inert nitrogen, ROW has been built to be a neutral observer.


How does it work?

To detect hydrocarbon stains from a single micron to 10 meters above the water, ROW sends beams of 365nm UV light to the surface and excites any hydrocarbon molecules in the selected area. Using the native fluorescence of the oil, ROW picks up the signal from telltale substances and alerts the operator in charge.



It has full autonomy:

This hydrocarbon detector will operate with wired data lines. However, for full autonomy in hard to reach areas, solar panels and wireless configurations are available.
High detection sensitivity; The ROW: Hydrocarbon in Water Detector software is programmed with advanced algorithms, calibrated to detect hydrocarbon layers down to a single micron and minimize false alarms.
Time makes the difference between a simple debris removal job and an ecological disaster. The oil detector detects oil spills earlier and more reliably than any other manual system.



The oil in water early warning system is perfect for:

  • Oil and petrochemical and transportation facilities.
  • Maritime and logistics operations
  • Power generation and distribution facilities
  • Environmental monitoring of ecologically important areas
  • Water treatment facilities
  • Remote coastal/coastal applications
  • Mining
  • Industrial applications, agriculture.



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