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Large Capacity Absorbent Cupboard – 600L – General Use
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Large Capacity Absorbent Cupboard – 600L – General Use

Cabinet kits

High absorption: 600 liters. All types of liquids. Lockable cabinet. All the necessary absorbents for a big spill.


Cabinet with absorbents for industrial maintenance work.

In case of spills of the following substances such as hydrocarbons and derivatives, coolant liquids, drilling oils, etc. These types of absorbents do absorb water.

Large capacity absorbent kit cabinet to facilitate cleaning and decontamination of the environment. It has several shelves and a safety key lock.

Components included with this practical cabinet kit, which is very easy to clean and you can find all formats of absorbents in place, so that in the event of a spill, you won’t waste a second looking for each element:

Sheets: 300
Rolls: 2
Tubulars: 20
Gloves: 2 pares
Glasses: 2 pares
Bags: 10


All in one against spills! much safer!

A very practical cabinet with safety key, it has everything necessary in case of spillage of any type of liquid, we can have all formats of absorbents and also other equally important safety elements, such as top quality protective gloves, safety goggles approved work and plastic garbage bags to deposit the absorbents, once they are saturated with oil.

Thanks to the dimensions of this cabinet; 915 x 710 x 1510 mm, it is ideal to have in areas of potential spillage of large amounts of liquid.


Don’t forget that we can help you if you have an environmental emergency.