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Inflatable Containment Boom
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Inflatable Containment Boom

Open Water. Offshore operations. Lightweight and easy to store.


Available models: (for other sizes please consult us)
Ref Aplication Total height (mm) Freeboard (mm) Fretwork (mm) Section length (m) Connection between sections* Operational temperature ºC Fabric
AB 750 Open water. Offshore operations 750 300 450 25 ASTM or Norwegian Connection -30°C a +80°C Marine grade PVC coated polyester
AB 1000 935 425 510 25
AB1400 1400 600 800 25


Inflatable booms have excellent buoyancy, so their use is recommended for exposed waters and open sea operations, where adaptability to waves is essential. They are built with independent internal flotation chambers (the internal floats can be easily replaced in case of breakage of any of them).

Thanks to the small volume they occupy, a large number of meters can be stored in a smaller space.
Stored on a reel, they can be deployed quickly with few personnel.


Parts of the boom: