Igloo Waste Containers – Recycling
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Igloo Waste Containers – Recycling

Garbage containers. Capacity: 2,500 liters. Different nozzles. High quality.


Igloo-shaped waste containers for recycling:

  • Manufactured in a single piece, seamless and highly resistant to shocks or temperature variations.
  • Nozzles designed to prevent water ingress, reduce noise levels and ensure user safety.
  • Lifting and unloading system with a simple and durable design, with a high quality finish to guarantee resistance to corrosion.
  • Long service life, made of 100% recyclable HDPE and steel fittings.
  • Quick installation, perfect adherence to the ground and stability.
  • Traditional lifting and unloading system, operated by two hooks to lift and thus open or close the interior.
  • The interior walls are smooth, which facilitates the emptying of the waste as well as its cleaning.
  • Spouts adapted to each waste, hide the interior and facilitate its use, thanks to its position in the container.






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