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Gas Bottle Cabinet – Galvanized Steel – Safety
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Gas Bottle Cabinet – Galvanized Steel – Safety

For 75 containers. Capacity: 650L. Galvanized steel. For outdoors.


Storage cabinet with security:

  • Steel container, closed, ideal for storage of gas cylinders or drums.
  • For outdoor or indoor use.
  • Removable floor panels.
  • Made of galvanized steel.
  • Available colors; Red, Blue and Green.
  • Double hinged door with security lock.
  • High and low level grids with fire extinguishers.
  • Door with lock and two keys.
  • For 75 containers of 25 liters – 2 levels.


  • Dimensions: 2160 x 2160 x 2600 mm.
  • Capacity: 650 liters

Gas cylinders are among the mobile pressurized gas containers and are used in many sectors of industry. For example, in welding work in the workshop, in laboratories or as a refrigerant for refrigeration and freezing systems.

Handling gases can pose a serious hazard, and therefore their storage will place many more demands on you than in the case of liquid substances.


Manufacturer’s warranty: 20 years structural warranty.


What are the risks involved in gas storage?

  • In poorly ventilated spaces, over-oxygenation can occur, which can lead to fire.
  • Risk of explosion due to:
    • Presence of incompatible materials grease or dirt in the installation.
    • Increase in cylinder pressure due to excessive heating during storage of the installations.
    • Misuse of the cylinder due to rapid opening of the tap.
  • Risk due to handling heavy loads or falling bottles.


How can we avoid these risks?

  • Adequate ventilation of the room or continuous monitoring of the oxygen concentration in the room.
  • No smoking, hot work or open flames near the O2 cylinders or installations.
  • Periodic cleaning of the installations and gas cylinders.
  • Use only compatible materials indicated for this type of storage.
  • Slow opening of valves.
  • Storage of cylinders protected from the sun or high temperatures.
  • Do not make any modification to the cylinder/installation without a previous study or without adequate training.
  • Place the bottles correctly and securely fastened so that they cannot fall down.
  • Avoid any mechanical aggression that could damage the bottle or any impact.


Gas Bottle Cabinet
Ref: Capacity Description Size Retention (liters)
CHEMSTOR1 75 x 25 l. + suelo 2 shelves 2160 x 2160 x 2600 650 liters