Fuel Tank with 100% Containment Vessel – Safe Storage

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Fuel Tank with 100% Containment Vessel – Safe Storage

Metallic tanks.
100% spill containment.
ADR approved.
Safe storage.




Supply tanks, approved for diesel oil storage, provided with containment tank with capacity equal to 100% of the tank volume.

  1. Tanks:

Cylindrical horizontal axis tanks, built with dished bottoms and calendered carbon steel plate, submerged arc welded and treated with a layer of rustproofing and a layer of green finish enamel; they have been leak tested.

They are equipped with:

  • Inspection manhole Ø 400 mm with bolted cover and gasket.
  • Ring with 3″ quick load coupling, lockable with padlock.
  • Load limiting valve calibrated to 90% of the geometric capacity of the tank.
  • Breather with flame-retardant net.
  • Level indicator visible from the outside with internal protection tube for the float.
  • Anti-rotation support feet.
  • Bottom discharge for periodic cleaning with safety cap.
  • Raised external suction pipe to allow an ideal decantation of the diesel oil; the suction is equipped with a non-return valve, a filter and a ball valve.
  • Connection point for grounding and equipotential bonding.
  1. Containment tank:

The spill containment basin is made of carbon steel plate with self-supporting bottom frame already prepared for fixing, by bolting, to the tank feet; suitable for installation on any terrain (even for permanent mounting).
Made with a capacity equivalent to 100% of the nominal volume of the tank.
Equipped with lifting plates, grounding connection and sleeve with discharge plug; 4 housings suitable for mounting and fixing to the roof uprights.
They are completely treated with an anti-corrosion coating and a finishing coat of enamel.
From the 5,000 l version and above, anti-slip steps and sheet metal support surface with safety handrail are provided to facilitate the passage to the manhole.
  1. Roof:

Roof for protection against atmospheric agents, made with a sturdy galvanized carbon steel frame and self-supporting galvanized corrugated sheet metal cover.
They have been designed to be mounted and fixed by bolts in the housings of the containment tanks of the Tank Fuel.