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Flameproof Drum Taps – Flammable Liquids – Anti-flame
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Flameproof Drum Taps – Flammable Liquids – Anti-flame

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Fireproof taps. Automatic closing. Automatic closing against leaks. 5 types of drums.


Fireproof taps for safety drums:

Taps with automatic closing, made of internal fireproof material. They are fully adjustable to ensure proper positioning. These taps are made of bronze and resist heat very well.

FM Approved: Flammable liquid leak-proof faucets: internal flame arrestor prevents backflow into the drum for added safety.

Safer Taps:

Brass construction with a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) seal ensures excellent chemical resistance.
Models 08910 and 08916 feature a coupling nut that allows rotation of the spout downward after the faucet is put in place.


Ref. Description Material Size
08902 Rigid tap Bronze 19 (3/4“) Ø
08910 Adjustable tap Bronze 19 (3/4“) Ø
08540 Flow control tap Bronze 19 (3/4“) Ø
08552 Gate valve for viscous liquids Bronze 51 (2“) Ø
08587 Flexible extension Stainless Steel 152 long