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Facial Protection Masks

Safety and Protection. Against infection.


How to put on, use, remove and dispose of a mask

  • 1. Remember that only health care workers, caregivers and persons with respiratory symptoms such as fever and cough should wear a mask.
  • 2. Before touching the mask, wash your hands with an alcohol-based disinfectant or soap and water.
  • 3. Inspect the mask for tears or holes.
  • 4. Orient the upper part (where the metal strip is located) upwards.
  • 5. Make sure that the correct side of the mask (the colored side) is facing outward.
  • 6. Place the mask over your face. Pinch the metal strip or rigid edge of the mask to conform to the shape of your nose.
  • 7. Pull down the lower part of the mask so that it covers your mouth and chin.
  • 8. After use, remove the mask; remove the elastic straps from behind the ears keeping the mask away from the face and clothing, so as not to touch potentially contaminated surfaces of the mask.
  • 9. Dispose of the mask in a closed container immediately after use.
  • 10. Wash hands after handling or disposing of the mask. Use an alcohol-based disinfectant or, if they are visibly soiled, wash them with soap and water.