Eco Mineral Absorbent – All types of liquids
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Eco Mineral Absorbent – All types of liquids

100% ecological. Absorbs 3 times its weight Water repellent. Flame retardant and oleophilic.


Granulated absorbent, eco line, for hydrocarbons and oil.

Due to its granulometry, it increases the contact surface with the hydrocarbon in such a way that it favors the absorption capacity. And due to its vegetable origin it is completely biodegradable. Due to its vegetable origin, it is very light in weight, which facilitates its handling and application, ergonomically appropriate, which means lower final waste management costs and waste reduction.

Absorption capacity:

52 liters per bag.

For a spill of 1 liter of diesel oil:

0.29 Kg Organic Absorbent >> 1.29 Kg of waste generated.

Instructions for use:

  • The format in which it is presented, 9.5 kg bags, facilitates its handling, transportation and application on the spill.
  • Depending on the type and volume of spill, cover the surface and leave to act.
  • Over dosing accelerates the absorption process.
  • Stir with a brush and remove the saturated absorbent.
  • The degree of absorption is manifested by the darkening of the absorbent material.
  • If after the absorption process the absorbent material keeps its light color, it can be reused.