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Drums for workbenches – Steel – Flammable Liquids – Anti-flame
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Drums for workbenches – Steel – Flammable Liquids – Anti-flame

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Automatic closing. High chemical resistance. 10 years warranty. 4 types of drums.


Drums for workbenches:

Indicated for cleaning parts and sub-assemblies when the volume of work does not justify the use of a larger rinse tank.

10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Portable size accommodates changing production requirements.

Dip tank lids stay open to provide convenient access; equipped with a self-closing, fuse-link mechanism that melts at 74°C to automatically close the lid in case of fire.

The polyethylene-jacketed dip tank offers outstanding chemical resistance, allowing it to be used with strong, corrosive chemicals.

An easy way to clean small parts, simply place the part in the perforated, spring-loaded shaker pan (as seen in the application video under the “Video” tab), press down and shake, then release to return the shaker to the drain position. The plated steel agitator also functions as an effective flame arrester that reduces the risk of fire from flashback. The hinged lid minimizes evaporation loss, and the protective rim reduces the possibility of hand injury.








ø ext. x alt (mm)





10175 114 124 x 140 1
10295Z 190 238 x 83 2
10375Z 190 238 x 114 4
10575Z 248 248 292 x 149 11
11171 Parts basket 175 x 22



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