Cylindrical Containment Boom

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Cylindrical Containment Boom

High Quality PVC
Resistant to UV rays
High durability.

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This type of boom is mainly adapted for use in protected waters with moderate agitation. They are manufactured with cylindrical closed cell polyethylene foam floats integrated in the high resistance fabric (PVC/PU). They are easy to install. Cylindrical booms have a higher buoyancy/weight ratio than flat booms, which allows them to better adapt to wave waters.

Main features of cylindrical booms:

  • Cylindrical containment booms that are quick and easy to install. They do not require equipment to activate their buoyancy. High buoyancy/weight ratio
  • Cylindrical containment booms made by electro-frequency welding, the most effective welding system to ensure the strength of the joints between PVC.
  • Connection between sections by means of ASTM Z-type connectors, Norwegian connection or any other upon request.
  • Fabric: Polyester coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), 900-1400 gsm, resistant to hydrocarbons and UV rays, orange color, highly visible at sea. Other options (TPU, neoprene) available on request.
  • High durability, cylindrical booms constructed with high mechanical and abrasion resistant materials.
  • Functional guarantee. In the event of a water breach in one of the floating elements, the boom will remain fully operational.
  • The joints of the traction elements with the fabric and the anchoring points are reinforced with metallic elements.


The main feature of these cylindrical booms are their internal cylindrical floats, distributed in independent chambers.

The high buoyancy capacity and the construction design gives it a fast adaptability to the oscillation produced by the waves. The ballast chain gives it a high tensile strength, and allows several anchoring points.

Technical characteristics

Available models: (for other sizes please consult us)
Ref Aplication Total height (mm) Freeboard (mm) Fretwork (mm) Section length (m) Connection between sections* Operational temperature ºC Fabric
CB 650 Protected waters 620 220 400 25 ASTM or Norwegian Connection -30°C a +70°C Marine grade PVC coated polyester
CB 850 850 350 500 25