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Container for fluorescent lamps – Recycling
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Container for fluorescent lamps – Recycling

Recycling Container. Capacity: 50 tubes. 100% high density polyethylene.


Recycling container for fluorescent tubes:

Fluorescent tubes are glass bulbs with mercury vapor inside. Therefore, each of their parts can be recovered and recycled, and it is important that this is done properly so as not to release mercury into the environment. Fluorescent lamps or fluorescent tubes are used in a lot of places: garages, kitchens, some bathrooms….

They are glass tubes with electrodes at the ends. They contain small amounts of argon and also mercury vapor. Therefore, the light they radiate is ultraviolet red, but the inner surface of the glass is coated with phosphors, which transform it into white light.

Features of the fluorescent recycling container:

  • Can hold up to 50 fluorescent tubes of 25 mm diameter.
  • Made of high density polyethylene. Easily transportable.
  • Dimensions (length x Ø): 1545 mm x 210 mm (valid for fluorescent tubes of length 1500 mm).
  • They have a diameter of 210 mm.


It is important to recycle this type of lamps correctly:

Fluorescent lamps are made up of materials that need to be recovered and recycled. In addition, some of them contain small amounts of mercury that we must avoid contaminating the environment. Their recycling is regulated by the WEEE, the regulation that stipulates the collection of electrical and electronic equipment and the management of their waste to ensure their correct environmental management.

Type of container


Reference: Ambilamp

We must deposit our used fluorescent lamps in specific containers for such use.

  • Electrical distributors for professionals in the lighting sector.
  • Stores and other points of sale for domestic users. Many hardware stores, lighting stores and supermarkets that sell fluorescent and energy-saving lamps have small containers to collect this waste.

How are fluorescent tubes recycled?

Once the tubes are taken to a specialized treatment plant, the fluorescent tubes pass through a conveyor belt where the heads are cut off. They then pass through a vacuum system where the dust is collected for later distillation. The glass is crushed and cleaned for subsequent recycling. On the other hand, the heads are also crushed and their metal components are separated.

What is done with it afterwards?

This is another of those products from which different materials are obtained. They are so specific that they are sometimes reused to produce exactly the same product they came from.  Glass may be used to make new packaging and mercury is often used for machinery or electronics. Metals may end up in foundries and steel mills and plastic may be transformed by plastic recyclers.



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