Container 800 liters – Sulo
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Container 800 liters – Sulo

Highly customizable. Circular economy. Selective collection nozzles. Soundproof wheels. 100% Recyclable.


Container 800 liters for recycling, with openings for selective collection:

Our new range of 800L. containers from Sulo (see more container sizes) are manufactured in high density polyethylene, which is a high quality plastic, ideal for this type of products, as it is very resistant and light, easy to wash, so they are very hygienic for garbage bins, they are manufactured with a monocoque mold, which gives them great hardness as they do not have rivets or separate parts.


They have an ergonomic lid that is easy to use, light and robust. With a design specially designed to avoid accumulation of water and dirt in it. The container consists of two parts: the body and the lid. The union between the two parts is made by means of two hinges.
The technology used in the manufacture of the lid allows it to be light and flexible, increasing its performance against the continuous lifting of garbage trucks. The inside of the body has smooth and rounded walls, thus avoiding the accumulation of waste.


Highly customizable: The containers can be customized by means of silk-screen printing, hot stamping and photoinjection on the lid.



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