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Combined Diesel and AdBlue® transport tanks – ADR

ADR transport.
High capacity.
Diesel + Adblue.
2 different models

ficha tecnica nuevo carrytank combinado diesel + abdblue 1000 litros




Combination tanks with tank for the transport of Diesel and AdBlue®

CARRYTANK® combined tank 900 diesel + 100 AdBlue:

nuevo deposito de gasoleo y adblue

New polyethylene tank for combined transport of diesel fuel (900 liters) and AdBlue (100 liters) with padlockable lid.
This is the highest performance tank available on the market, made of 100% polyethylene, capable of storing and transporting up to 900 liters of diesel fuel and 100 liters of AdBlue in a combined and safe way.

Innovation at the service of safe transport:

The innovation of Carrytank® 900+100 lies inside: two combined tanks (diesel and AdBlue) designed, and tested to withstand pressure. To make handling faster and more efficient, the tank, in addition to the forklift pockets, is equipped with 4 rings for lifting at full load from above, allowing the tanks to be superimposed in storage.

The new patented tank has undergone numerous endurance tests to obtain ADR/RID/ADN and IMDG approval for the transport of fuel:

  • Drop tests
  • Vibration tests
  • Hydraulic pressure tests
  • Pneumatic pressure tests
  • Full load lift tests
  • Full load overlap tests

CARRYTANK® combined tank 400 diesel + 50 Adblue:

Made of polyethylene, with reinforced lid for padlocking. With filling cap in aluminum for the diesel section and in polyethylene for the AdBlue® section, safety valve, suction and supply group, inlets for lifting with forklift at full load, handles for empty lifting and housings for attaching fixing straps to the support base.


  • Diesel section capacity: 400 liters
  • AdBlue® section capacity: 50 liters
  • Empty weight: 45 Kg
  • Level indicator (diesel section only).
  • 2″ filler cap with safety valve for both sections.
  • Suction filter (diesel section only).


Combined Diesel and AdBlue® transport tanks
Product Ref. Dimensions Cap. Unladen weight
Combi 900 + 100
CNTCOI24X15 1530 x 910 x 1150 mm 500 Kg./m 100 Kg.
Combi 400 + 50
CNTCOI40X24 1200 x 800 x 785 mm 450L.
45 Kg.