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Adblue Dispenser Tanks – Safe Storage

Gasoline Transportation.
Safe storage.
Various capacities.




BLUETANK dispenser tanks for AdBlue®:

In compliance with the new European regulations (Euro 4 and Euro 5 standards) on emissions, new commercial vehicles must have a system for reducing nitrogen oxides (NOx) by means of a selective catalytic reactor (SCR).

The formation of NOx derives from the combustion process of the fuel (diesel) as a result of the high temperatures reached in the combustion chamber, i.e. in the engine; these high temperatures favor the combination of oxygen with nitrogen, compounds present in the combustion itself.

In order to reduce NOx concentrations, which would pollute the environment, the aqueous solution with a high purity of urea, at a concentration of 32.5% (AdBlue®), is injected, by means of a series of automatic devices, between the engine and the catalytic converter. AdBlue® acts by decomposing into ammonia and CO2; once in the catalytic converter, the ammonia reacts with the NOx, giving rise to two harmless substances already present in the atmosphere in relevant quantities: water and elemental nitrogen.

All the Ad-Blue® transfer and supply systems we supply have been designed and manufactured to ensure the integrity of the product supplied and, at the same time, to allow fast operations in complete safety.

Technical characteristics of the Adblue® dispensing tanks:

  • Capacities available: 3,000 l, 5,000 l, 7,500 l, 10,000 l.
  • Register with screw-on closing cap, diameter 42 cm for 3,000 l and 5,000 l tanks and diameter 55 cm for 7,500 l and 10,000 l tanks.
  • 1″ drain valve.
  • 2″ loading coupling.
  • 1″ suction pipe.
  • Supply cabinet consisting of:
    • Lockable metal cabinet.
    • Electric diaphragm pump, self-priming, 230 V – 50 Hz, capacity 30 l/min.
    • Turbine digital liter meter.
    • EPDM supply pipe, 3/4″ section and 4 m long.
    • Automatic supply gun.


  • Capacity 32 l/min.
  • Maximum supply pressure 5 bar.
  • Automatic priming capacity up to 2 meters.
  • Accuracy of the liter counter +/- 1%.