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Absorbent Tubulars for Hydrocarbons
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Absorbent Tubulars for Hydrocarbons

Spill Containment. For oils only. Does not absorb water. 100% Polypropylene.


Absorbent tubes for hydrocarbons, to contain areas impregnated with all types of oily liquids on the surface of the water (water repellent). They are highly recommended when containing any spill, they are placed around the stain and then the interior can be absorbed with sheets if the amount of oily substance is small, or with pillows if the amount is larger.


Worms or tubulars or absorbent sleeves, indicated for small quantities of spills, for very large quantities the use of absorption booms is recommended.

We also have the variety of Tubulars with skirt for containment in water. With this skirt is much more effective and prevents the oily substance to disperse.


  • Contain quickly and effectively, large quantities of substance, the best way to act in the event of a spill.
  • Containment of spills or leaks, ideal for use in water, since it absorbs only the oil and not the water.
  • To enclose hydrocarbons spilled in the sea, beaches, lakes, rivers and aquifers in general.
  • They are made of 100% polypropylene. Chemically inert absorbents.
  • They are safe for the environment and for people.



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