Absorbent Rolls for Hydrocarbons
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Absorbent Rolls for Hydrocarbons

High absorption Only for oils. Does not absorb water. 100% Polypropylene.


Absorbent rolls for hydrocarbons, for the recovery of areas impregnated with all types of oily liquids on the water surface (water-repellent). They have the same use as the sheets, they even come with pre-cuts for a better use of the material, but the rolls are more advisable when the surface to be covered is large.


Rolls, indicated to cover surfaces as needed. This format gives the possibility of cutting at will the necessary amount of absorbent in each situation as it comes with pre-cuts. They are available in different roll widths, weights and roll lengths.


  • Protect surfaces from dripping or humidity.
  • Collect spills in machines, engines, liquid transfer sites.
  • To recover hydrocarbons spilled in the sea, beaches, lakes, rivers and aquifers in general.
  • They are made of 100% polypropylene. Chemically inert absorbents.



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