Absorbent Rolls for Chemicals
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Absorbent Rolls for Chemicals

High absorption Chemical resistant. 100% Polypropylene. 100% Inert. 100% Safe.



Absorbent rolls for corrosive and/or abrasive chemical products, for the protection and recovery of work areas impregnated with any type of chemical product.

Rolls of various sizes, suitable for covering good sized surfaces (for smaller surfaces Absorbent Sheets for Chemicals are recommended). This format has the advantage of making the best use of the material, being able to protect work surfaces from drips and stains. Especially recommended for industries working with chemicals, acids and bases.


  • Protect small surfaces from drips or humidity.
  • Collect spills of abrasive and/or corrosive and hazardous substances.
  • Made of 100% polypropylene. Chemically inert absorbents.
  • They are safe for the environment and for people.

Complete table of Chemicals for which the Yellow Absorbents range is recommended



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