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Absorbent Kit – Large Container – Chemicals – 474 liters
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Absorbent Kit – Large Container – Chemicals – 474 liters

Chemical spills. Container with wheels. 100% Polyethylene.


kit for Chemicals in container with wheels and lid:

It is a container, made of 100% high quality polyethylene, with wheels and handles for easy handling, inside it has all the necessary elements to decontaminate an area impregnated with chemicals, an accidental spill of any abrasive and / or corrosive and hazardous substance.

The different absorbent formats are to absorb and collect efficiently all the stain or leakage of chemical products; acids, bases, etc. Each format has the most suitable form to solve a part of the cleaning and decontamination tasks. Their indications for use are very easy;

  • Place the pillow on the oil stain and let it absorb.
  • Remove as soon as it is saturated with liquid and place in the appropriate container.

They are safe to handle and store and are made of 100% top quality polypropylene. The kit includes the following safety elements in addition to absorbents

Sheets: 300
Tubulars: 20 (8 x 120 cm)
Pillows: 8
Sealing component: 1
Pair of gloves: 2
Glasses: 2
Bags: 10


All in one against spills! much safer and faster:

A yellow high-strength plastic container with lid has everything you need in case of spillage of any chemical substance, we can have all formats of absorbents and other equally important safety elements, such as top quality protective gloves, safety goggles approved work and plastic garbage bags to deposit the absorbents, once they are saturated with product.

Don’t forget that we can help you if you have an environmental emergency.



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