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Absorbent Container Kit – Hydrocarbons – 309 liters
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Absorbent Container Kit – Hydrocarbons – 309 liters

Hydrocarbons and oils. Large spills.


Emergency kit in 240-liter container with wheels: comfortable plastic container with lid and wheels, made of high-strength polyethylene, large size, with absorbents and various safety products to control an oil spill, such as: fuel, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, acetylene, octane, benzene, propane, etc.

Components included with this practical kit 309 liters, very light and quick to clean and you can.


Components of the 309 liter kit:

Accurate absorption: 309 l
Sheets: 200
Tubulars: 12  (8 x 120 cm)
Pillows: 5
Sealing compound: 1
Pair of gloves: 1
Glasses: 1
Bags: 5
Ref.: PKO2


Advice on the use of white absorbents:

Pillows or cushions are used pto effectively absorb and collect all the fuel stains. The instructions for use are very easy;

  • Place tubulars around the stain so that it does not spread further.
  • Place pillows or sheets (depending on the amount that needs to be absorbed) over the oil stain and let it absorb.
  • Remove as soon as it is saturated with liquid and deposit in the corresponding container.

They are oleophilic and hydrophobic (water repellent) and highly resistant to tearing. They are safe to handle and store and are made of 100% top quality polypropylene. Absorbents act by adsorption of the fuel that floats on the surface and because their density is lower than that of water. Absorbents can be of natural origin, such as Sepiolite, or synthetic, such as polyethylene foams, and come in the form of sheets, rolls, booms, etc.


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