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Absorbent Boom with Skirt
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Absorbent Boom with Skirt

First phases of pouring. Highly resistant PVC skirt. High durability and resistance.


Features of the Absorbent Booms with PVC skirt:

Absorbent booms with PVC skirt are designed to contain and absorb hydrocarbons. Due to their quick installation and light weight, they are very useful in the early stages of a spill. They can also be used as a spill prevention measure. They can be easily reused, the absorbent cord/boom can be replaced once full.

The reusable skirt is made of PVC coated polyester fabric with fungicide treatment, resistant to hydrocarbons, UV rays, detergents and other environmental agents. The connection between sections is made by means of Norwegian type connections that are placed at the ends of the boom to connect one section to another and thus provide the necessary length of the boom.


Technical specifications of the boom
2 sections of absorbent boom Length Freeboard Skirt fretwork PVC Ballast chain  
12.5 m 25 metros 20 cm 25 cm 650 gr/m2 reusable 5 mm



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