Waste Containers – PP
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Waste Containers – PP

PEHD battery box. Highly resistant and light. Transportable by pallet truck/forklift. Colors: Gray


Containers for storage of used batteries:

These containers, made of high density polyethylene, offer high robustness and lightness, have holes at the bottom to facilitate their transport with pallet truck or forklift.

This type of plastic boxes, so versatile, are very common in industrial sectors, in the construction, chemical, food, textile, etc. industries.

They offer great advantages when it comes to storing large quantities of waste in a cheap and efficient way.

Available in 300 and 610 liters. Available in gray color (consult for more colors).

The lid is optional and must be ordered separately.


Product Lid Dimensions Weight Capacity Admissible Load
Box of 300L Optional 1000 x 635 x 645 (h) mm. 12.5 kg. 300L 150 Kg.
Box of 610L Optional 1200 x 1000 x 760 (h) mm. 30 kg. 610L 450 Kg.